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Full Transparency

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Published Sat. 24th of Mar 2018 URL Full Transparency

There are plenty of websites offering websites and similar services around the world, but there are few that is as transparent as Sorso.

Our aim and our business model is to have full transparency and also offer all clients options of control.

Full Transparency; in a nutshell.
What sets us apart is that we care about your business. Not only because it's your business, but also because we believe that you should have the right to edit or remove your own data, at any time. When you remove your data using Sorso it is truly gone, in an instant. It doesn't take 2 weeks to remove your data, it is done with a click of button that you can choose to press at any time. You are truly in control of your own data, which in comparison with other services, like ours, do not have or can't say that it's genuinely gone in an instant.
We can.

Furthermore, this also goes for all users using our service as well. In our world, there is no distinction between a user and an administrator, when it comes to your data. This is something we believe makes us unique.

Our Service is free!
The service we offer is 100 percent free.

Additional services
Apart from some of the awesome features previously mentioned, we also offer other services to anyone seeking it. Those services are all with a small fee attached to them, since we need to finance the running of this website somehow.

What sets us apart is also what makes us unique.